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Everything is energy. Energy flows to what you focus on. As a certified Reiki Practitioner , my aim is to guide & support your healing journey by focusing on abundance to create the balance and alignment in your life. 


Since 2014, Lorna has been a qualified level 2 reiki practitioner with Tera Mai linage having trained by Master Pauline Cooley.  She has helped clients find their optimal wellness through developing a deeper understanding of their energy.  Reiki is a unique experience and promotes natural healing, creates balance in life and celebrates all aspects of your true self. 

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Mo ~

“Lorna has without a doubt a really strong and healing energy. My first session with her was so beneficial. She is a channel and transmits so much light and magnetism and love. Her open heart and deep connection to the source will guide you to your higher self and help to keep you balanced. She will help you to clean and heal your aura, your soul and chakras. I highly recommended her Reiki car


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